About Us

Discover the essence of who we are , a tantalizing journey into the heart of our story

Questions and Answers

Discover the essence of who we are , a tantalizing journey into the heart of our story.

Our Team

Ahmad Khashashneh

General Superintendent of Departments

My name is Ahmad khashashneh, I assume responsibility for the general management of all departments, and i supervises our social media platform.

Ghazi Al-Talhouni

Editorial and Writing Department Officer

My name is Ghazi Al-Talhouni, I assume responsibility for the writing and SEO department of the site, overseeing various sub-tasks within this purview.

Hamza Al-Zawahreh

Montage Department Officer

My name is Hamza Al-Zawahreh, I study civil engineering. I work as an article writer on this website, focusing on writing articles in the technology field.

Jamal Muntasser

Programming Section Officer

Jamal Muntasser is an accomplished programmer, contributing valuable expertise to Technatco’s dynamic team. With a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions.

What do we do?

about us

Our specialty

Our expertise lies in the meticulous evaluation of cutting-edge electronic products, encompassing a broad spectrum of devices, technologies, and services. Members benefit from exclusive content, complemented by timely updates on the latest global developments within the technological sector.

our staff

We boast a dedicated and specialized team proficient in the domains of writing, content management, as well as social media design and management. Our collective expertise ensures a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet your expectations

our plans

Our plan for the near future is centered on establishing ourselves as one of industry leaders in technology blogging. We intend to achieve this by adopting a concise and contemporary approach that sets us apart from competitors in the field.